Functional Disorders

Reproductive Systems

Reproductive Systems

ENLARGED PROSTATE / HYDROCELE – It is a urinogenital disorder with accumulation of fluids around a testicle. It may be a part of more diffuse sequelae lymphoedema or elephantiasis. Fasttrack Hydrocele provides excellent results and also prevents the sequelae of this disease. Even with a surgical intervention, Fasttrack homeopathic offers pre and postop care solutions.

AMENORRHEA / DYSMENORRHEA – Amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea means lack of bleeding or too little bleeding. Dysmenorrhea literally means painful menstruation. Fasttrack Amenorrhea/Dysmenorrhea are available subject to age and menstrual history.

LEUCORRHEA – Leucorrhea or vaginal white discharge is not a major issue but should be resolved as soon as possible. It is natural defense mechanism that body uses to maintain the estrogen imbalance. Fasttrack Leucorrhea (homeopathy) as well as proper nutritional guidance and general good health and hygeine habits are advised.

MENOPAUSAL PROBLEMS – Menopause symptoms include hot flashes, night sweats, abnormal vaginal or uterine bleeding, vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy, and fear of growing old. Change is life and life is growth. Fasttack offers homeopathic and hormonal solutions to all menopausal and perimenopausal problems and helps you to withstand social expectations and artificial concepts of morality very smoothly.

MISCARRIAGES – See Infertility

Pregnancy complaints – When a woman has complaints during pregnancy, it is often difficulty to accept the unborn child within her, to a certain extent. It may also relate to strain on her body during pregnancy. Fasttrack Homeopathy offers solutions to pregnancy-related cramps, morning sickness, backaches, discomfort, nausea and vomiting, etc.?

VENEREAL DISEASE – All veneral disease actually prevents sexual intercourse in one way or the other. Gonorrhea or syphilis and chlamydia are infectious and can be sexually-transmitted (STD), others infections include Crab louse, Trichomoniasis, and ‎Chancroid. Prevention is advised for incurable STIs such as HIV and herpes. Fasstrack offers solutions to all curable and incurable venereal disease after appropriate diagnostics and screening tests are done. Appropriate nutritional guidance and general good health and hygeine habits are advised.

Premature Birth – Unwanted or unconscious aversion to pregnancy is generally a risk factor to premature birth. Additionally maternal age, height, weight and nutritional status are associated factor. Fasttrack Homeopathy and nutritional guidance offers solutions to all premature birth associated with history of spontaneous miscarriage or surgical abortion and helps deliver full-term healthy babies. See also Infertility.

PROLAPSED UTERUS - Multiple childbirths and aging with a natural loss of the hormone estrogen causes uterus to drop into the vaginal canal or prolapsed uterus. Fasttrack Homeopathy helps associated symptoms such as feeling of fullness or pelvic pressure, painful sexual intercourse, difficulty urinating or moving bowels and difficulty walking due to prolpased uterus. Fasttrack Biochemic and lubricating gels along with exercise regime help bring back the elasticity, however for complete or fourth-degree uterine prolapse surgical intervention is advisable.

SPERMATORRHEA – Spermatorrhea is a condition of excessive ejaculation. Involuntary ejaculation sometimes reflect problems with kidney. Apart from Fasttrack Homeopathy for spermatorrhea, avoidance of masturbation and circumcision needs to be ruled out. Appropriate nutritional guidance and general good health and hygeine habits are advised.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS or PCOD is a most common endocrine disorder among females that affects ovulation and menstrual periods or cycles and directly affects the mental well-being, sexual self-worth, and quality of life of women with the condition. In young females it is also associated with acne and nutritional deficiencies. It is completely resolvable with Fasttrack Homeopathy and restores back the overall sexual functioning.