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Dr. Kalpana Kotecha, double graduate in medicine & management, patient awareness, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, Fasttrack, Fasttrack India, FLP, Forever Living, Forever Living India, homeopathy, medicine, Tuberculosis, Parkinsons, Dentition, Chronicity, Old Age, allopathy, homeopathy, wellness solutions, Brij Design Studio, Birju Chatwani

Dr Kalpana Kotecha, is a double-graduate in Medicine and Management with a solid scientific background in multiple therapeutic areas, and has been practicing homeopathy now for more than 12 years. She has been an ex-associate with Reliance Health where she headed patient management team to provide patient care services across twelve cities in India. Furthermore, she learnt & developed teamwork with a patient-centric approach while assisting pharma and doctors to manage chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. She organized camps for patient awareness and collaborated for diet & psychosocial counseling & lifestyle modifications of patients.

She is also a certified second-degree Reiki practitioner and analyzes & heals through understanding the metaphysical cause of the disease. Her focus is to bring awareness of one self and help them heal with the aid of counseling and homeopathic medicines.

She assists Dr Punjabi, notes in preparing and editing notes on each chronic group

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Dr. Geeta Punjabi, L.C.E.H, Bombay homeopathic medical college, Fasttrack, Fasttrack India, FLP, Forever Living, Forever Living India, Dr. Kalpana Kotecha, homeopathy, medicine, Brij Design Studio, Birju Chatwani

Dr Geeta Punjabi, has been an ex-lecturer and an examiner at Bombay Homeopathic Medical College, Practicing since 1972 she comes with an experience of more than 30 years and proven results. She is also an author of book “Suppressions and its effects” which is compilation of complaints arising out of Suppressions of all kinds and their remedies, aimed to be a handy and useful book for both beginners as well as busy practitioners.

Her vision is to spread awareness about Homeopathy and practice polypharmacy. Homeopathic medicines work at a dynamic level and so it knows where to go and act, says Dr Punjabi.. as for eg. if you put five Aatman (soul) in a bucket, you may not know which body it has to go but Aatman (soul) knows which body they have to enter. Homeopathic remedies act likewise to bring the exact cure.

Her mission all her life is to bring as many homeopaths to practice polypharmacy for the complex illnesses and quickly restore sick to good health, and obtain excellent results in pratically every case within a week by giving both high and low potencies

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