Functional Disorders



CYSTITIS – Cystitis is the inflammation of the bladder produced principally by a bacterial infection, frequently E.coli which is normally found in the intestinal tract. This disease is more common in women. Fasttrack Homeopathy offers customized remedies to subside inflammation along with symptomatic treatment for frequent urination, itching irritation and pain in bladder or urethra, infections, associated fevers or chills. Topical ointment such as Candida cream has proven extremely beneficial to resolve infection and provide immediate relief.

Tuberculosis – Tuberculosis is a highly contagious disease which is produced by bacteria. Diagnosis to rule out tuberculosis of affected organ is required. Isolate the person, wash his/her clothes separately, and dispose towels and toilet papers used for cleaning & make sure to incinerate them appropriately. Fasttrack Homeopathy offers excellent solutions for treatment of tuberculosis and also prevents suppressions and recurrence.

Leprosy- Leprosy is a chronic infection caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae. Confirmed diagnsosis is required for treatment. Leprosy is curable with treatment and is provided free by the World Health Organization. Fasttrack Homeopathy offers suppression-free treatment of leprosy along with nutritional support to prevent relapse and lead a leprosy-free healthy life long.