Functional Disorders

Heart Systems

Heart Systems

ASTHMA – Anaemia or Anemia is the most common disorder of blood. CBC showing decreased red blood cells and decreased hemoglobin levels typically for men with less than 13.5 g and women with less than 12.0 g is required to confirm anemia. Fasttrack Anaemia are available upon request after confirmation of type of Anemia to include aplastic, hemolytic, pernicious, sickle cel, thalassemia, along with consultation to look for associated signs and symptoms for feelings of weakness or fatigue, malaise, poor concentration. Folic acid deficiency, iron-deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency anemia may need to be supplemented. Severe anemia or anemia from acute (sudden) loss of blood or chronic anemia associated with palpitations, angina, claudication, and symptoms of heart failure etc. should be attended by admitting to hospital.

ANGINA PECTORIS/PAIN – Constriction of coronary arteries causing chest pain often due to ischemia is called angina pectoris. Striving for power to live may cause heart attack (See Heart Attack) and urgent medical attention may be required to prevent death.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS / BLOCKAGE / HIGH CHOLESTEROL – Readings of high triglyceride level, high LDL, low HDL, and HDL/LDL ratio is required from lipid panel (done with minimum 12 hours of fasting) to confirm the line of treatment. Fatty plaques build up by these cholesterols in the arteries causing thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity of the walls of arteries over time causing blockage or arteriosclerosis. Fasttrack Metabolic Disorders, Fasttrack Arteriosclerosis, and Fasttrack biochemic remedies are available. However, a consultation is advisable to choose the correct remedy. Associated diet and lifestyle modifications plans advisable and essential.

MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE – Any valvular disease to include mitral regurgitation, mitral valve stenosis, prolapse, aortic valve stenosis, pulmonary valve stenosis, tricuspid regurgitation etc. can be completely cured with homeopathic remedies along with biochemic remedies only if taking with perserverance and for appropriate duration with regular checkups. Detailed homeopathic consultation is required. (See Heart Attack)

EMBOLISM / THROMBOSIS – When a blood vessel is blocked it causes thrombosis or stagnancy of blood flow. When the thrombus dislodges and gets stuck in a narrower blood vessel it is an embolism causing rigidity or inflexibility. Fasttrack homeopathic remedies for pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis thromboembolism as requested are available upon consultation. Circulatory-assisting additional supplement and massage is advisable and essential

HEART ATTACK – The heart is the seat of our emotions and reflects our capacity to love while circulation distributes this vital energy throughout our body with the help of heart giving us joy of living. A heart attack is caused when this energy is accumulated with aggressiveness and released all of a sudden. “Fasttrack Save Your Heart” is available for emergency that can be taken SOS stroke or MI immediately to prevent permanent damage to a heart muscle before you reach hospital. Eventually, homeopathic consultation & treatment too prevent episodes of heart attack in future. Supplements such as Aloe Vera Gel along with CoQ10 enzyme helps the heart cells to be joyful and healthy.

HEMATURIA / ALBUMINARIA – A urinalysis is required to confirm these. Hematuria or blood in urine and albuminuria or protein in urine are generally associated with acute or chronic kidney disease. Fasttrack Hematuria and Fasttrack Albuminuria are available upon request after verification of urine report.

HIGH / LOW BLOOD PRESSURE – High blood pressure or hypertension is when your BP readings are 140/90 or higher over a number of weeks. Ask for dietary, nutritional and lifestyle modifications to be made. A low blood pressure or hypotension is a level that is 90/60 mmHg or lower, this may cause fainting or dizziness. Fasttrack High BP and Fasttrack Low BP homeopathic medicines are available.

High cholesterol/triglycerides – Triglycerides are fat used for energy and your body needs some for good health. But high triglycerides increase risk of heart disease and is a sign of metabolic syndrome. Ask for Fasttrack Metabolic Disorders.