Structural Disorders

Head and Neck

Head and Neck

Brain Tumor – A brain tumor indicates the patient to be too hard-headed and does not want to let go of old thoughts, cannot adapt to the new changes that take place. It may be benign or neoplastic and treatment options differ and has to be customized based on history and diagnosis.

Headache- may be caused due to excessive tension or due to sinus infections, cold coryza etc. Diagnose appropriately and counsel on appropriate actions to release tension and headache and rest. Remedy such as Rhus tox, Belladonna, Aconite, Allium-cepa, Pulsatilla etc. as indicated.

Migraine – Persistent resistance and conflict with their own thoughts especially in the sexual sphere causes attacks of migraine. It carries a tubercular miasm and should therefore not be left untreated or half-way treated. Allow them to make conscious decisions about themselves and act to come out of conflicts permanently. Remedy is customized & individualized as indicated. Fasttrack Migraine is also available.

DENTITION PROBLEMS – Especially for teething children, Grinding teeth, vomiting diarrhea during dentition, low-grade fever, irritability, convulsions etc. problems occurring during dentition. Biochemic Fasttrack Dentition for healthy teething and other remedy as indicated brings about easy and beautiful developmental milestones in children.

CATARACT/GLAUCOMA – This is a result of increased intra-ocular pressure. Look out any hurt feelings in the past or whether it is consequences of any underlying glandular disease, old age etc. Let the patient vent up the emotions. Remedy as indicated along with biochemic tissue remedies (Fasttrack BC glaucoma & and non-alcoholic glaucoma drops.)

CONJUNCTIVITIS – This indicates inflammation or reddening of eyes. It causes great pain and discomfort. Fasttrack Euphrasia eyedrops and similimum remedy is indicated except in chronic cases.

EARACHE / OTORRHEA – Otitis media or inflammation of the middle ear especially in young children. Clean the ears of wax and Fasttrack Eardrops are available. Remedies as indicated with associated signs and symptoms.

STYE / HORDEOLUM – A stye or a hordeolum is a localized infection of the sebaceous glands. It may also be associated with pus. Appropriate clean hygeine techniques and Fasttrack Stye remedy on request can be provided.

TEETH & GUM PROBLEMS – Teeth problems include toothache, tooth decay, Odontolithiasis (tartar), denture problems, etc. Gums problems include bleeding gums, pyorrhea etc. are signs of weakness and lack of Vitamin C deficiency and should be attended immediately with appropriate oral hygiene. Fasttrack oral gums spray is available. Customized Homeopathic remedies as indicated along with supportive long-term biochemic treatment is required.

VISION PROBLEMS – These include far-sightedness, short-sightedness, squinting, astigmatism etc. and consultation and diagnosis from an ophthalmologist would be advisable. Homeopathic remedies as per diagnosis and for associated symptoms such as headache, vertigo etc. as indicated.

VOICE HOARSENESS / LARYNGITIS – Inflammation in the larynx causes discomfort and voice hoarseness. Give your throat rest, be alone for a while and speak only when completely better. Over-the-counter Stadol lozenges along with relieving homeopathic remedies with consultation as indicated.