Case study



Mr. Jay Bhadra

At a very young age Jay Bhadra, age 18, had a complaint of rapid hair fall and a mild dandruff. He also had been taking homeopathic medicines on and off for his tonsil infection and worms. With a previous history of low vitality, cough followed by fever and also sprain twice earlier, there was much more than just hair fall to be treated. During counseling and understanding Jay, his scalp was examined and found to have little dandruff. Later he was guided to oil and wash hair regularly and also counseled to take care of his hair. Jay was treated with homeopathic remedies for dandruff, which cleared only in about a week. He also started eating fruits and vegetables, and taking care of his hair. He now has good silky hair and is happy with the outcome with no recurrence of dandruff even after almost a year.