Case study



Mr. Harshil Mange

Mr. Harshil Mange, age 23, a chartered accountant by profession, Occupational runner and a cricket lover. He came with a complaint of itching on scalp with flaking skin and an aggravated oiling problem. He would scratch his scalp till it would burn. Also he was allergic to sulfa drugs. He was suffering from this problem since some period and had no answer to his problem till he cam to Fast Track. After understand and proper discussions Harshil was given a homeopathic powder pack along with tincture to mix with water and apply twice a week on his scalp and wash it with water after drying. Individualized homeopathic remedial group was to be followed and taken until the symptoms subsidized completely without recurrence. Currently he is better and is able to take his own decisions independently and is confident of his success.