Case study



Mr. Haresh Bhanushali

Haresh Bhanushali, age 48 came with a decreased appetite, weight loss problem, and uneasiness in traveling occupation during field jobs. On further understanding, he was identified to have pain due to abdominal bloating, unsatisfactory sticky stool and also heavily constipated. He also shared probably initiation of piles due to his constipation. After a lengthy discussion and counseling about his lifestyle and habits, he was given homeopathic remedial support and yellow tablets as laxative to be sucked at night following a glass of water. After about five months, all his symptoms subsided, his piles disappeared, his appetite and thirst became normal, and there was no gas or abdominal bloating. In fact, his headache due to field job in sun also disappeared and patient felt much relieved and healthier to accept more challenges in life.