Case study



Mrs. Namita S. Nandkumar

Namita is a married woman; Software engineer by profession & in her twenties is one of our patients at Fasttrack Homeopathy. She was facing a problem of Acne and a severe pimple problem with dark skin coloration on her right cheek. She was trying to get rid of the acne by applying Colgate but all her efforts were in vain. There was no improvement at all. She had a past history of asthma and uncertain cold in her childhood. After extensive history taking and identifying her suppressions, a group of customized homeopathic remedies were given. Clean hygiene techniques and drinking plenty of water was also advised. In about 2 months of time span all her acne problems disappeared completely with just very minimal scars remaining which were hardly even visible, and which also will be resolved in few months from now.