We offer Homeopathic consultation & remedies for everyone!

“Good Health, it’s in everyone’s interest”

Fasttrack Homeopathy is located at Santacruz, Mumbai just 10 minutes away from the international airport in the Western part of India. Dr. Kalpana Kotecha and Dr. Geeta Punjabi are the licensed physicians by the board-certified in homeopathic medicine. They have been in practice for nearly 40 years, where-in they have treated chronic diseases and other ailments.

Our mission at Fast track, is to spread the wonders of homeopathy as a holistic cure to help you improve your overall health and well-being i.e. physical, mental, and spiritual well being. Our goal is to assist you in balancing your vital force that is disturbed just enough to uplift your life, so that you can live a good and healthy life longer because "Good health! It's in everyone's interest".

Our medicines at Fast track are research based and which are available to all our patients. We have patients approaching from all different parts of the world where in after diagnosing their problem we assist them with proper cure and homeopathic solutions.